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Dec 2017
Dec 25 2017 08:46
Hi all
new to ethereum
do we really have to buy ether to participate?
or is is there another way to start developing our token/project?
Reactive Space
Dec 25 2017 09:11
@recyclo you need ether for token
Dec 25 2017 09:21
@reactivespace thanks for the i need to buy ether so i could issue my own token?
Vidor Gencel
Dec 25 2017 10:53
For testing purposes you can use a test network like rinkeby and get free tokens on the rinkeby faucet
@recyclo or for local development
Reactive Space
Dec 25 2017 11:02
@recyclo yes then you issue
@recyclo if you need help ping me directly
Dec 25 2017 15:36
how to create my own cyrpto?
Dec 25 2017 15:37

for crowsale there is the code

pragma solidity ^0.4.18;

interface token {
function transfer(address receiver, uint amount) public;

contract Crowdsale {
address public beneficiary;
uint public fundingGoal;
uint public amountRaised;
uint public deadline;
uint public price;
token public tokenReward;
mapping(address => uint256) public balanceOf;
bool fundingGoalReached = false;
bool crowdsaleClosed = false;

event GoalReached(address recipient, uint totalAmountRaised);
event FundTransfer(address backer, uint amount, bool isContribution);

 * Constrctor function
 * Setup the owner
function Crowdsale(
    address ifSuccessfulSendTo,
    uint fundingGoalInEthers,
    uint durationInMinutes,
    uint etherCostOfEachToken,
    address addressOfTokenUsedAsReward
) public{
    beneficiary = ifSuccessfulSendTo;
    fundingGoal = fundingGoalInEthers * 1 ether;
    deadline = now + durationInMinutes * 1 minutes;
    price = etherCostOfEachToken * 1 ether;
    tokenReward = token(addressOfTokenUsedAsReward);

 * Fallback function
 * The function without name is the default function that is called whenever anyone sends funds to a contract
function () payable public {
    uint amount = msg.value;
    balanceOf[msg.sender] += amount;
    amountRaised += amount;
    tokenReward.transfer(msg.sender, amount / price);
    FundTransfer(msg.sender, amount, true);

modifier afterDeadline() { if (now >= deadline) _; }

 * Check if goal was reached
 * Checks if the goal or time limit has been reached and ends the campaign
function checkGoalReached() afterDeadline public {
    if (amountRaised >= fundingGoal){
        fundingGoalReached = true;
        GoalReached(beneficiary, amountRaised);
    crowdsaleClosed = true;

 * Withdraw the funds
 * Checks to see if goal or time limit has been reached, and if so, and the funding goal was reached,
 * sends the entire amount to the beneficiary. If goal was not reached, each contributor can withdraw
 * the amount they contributed.
function safeWithdrawal() afterDeadline public{
    if (!fundingGoalReached) {
        uint amount = balanceOf[msg.sender];
        balanceOf[msg.sender] = 0;
        if (amount > 0) {
            if (msg.sender.send(amount)) {
                FundTransfer(msg.sender, amount, false);
            } else {
                balanceOf[msg.sender] = amount;

    if (fundingGoalReached && beneficiary == msg.sender) {
        if (beneficiary.send(amountRaised)) {
            FundTransfer(beneficiary, amountRaised, false);
        } else {
            //If we fail to send the funds to beneficiary, unlock funders balance
            fundingGoalReached = false;


@team-easyuisoftware are you download the ethereum ?
Reactive Space
Dec 25 2017 16:05
Let me check
Dec 25 2017 16:07
Dec 25 2017 16:10
@team-easyuisoftware after that you going to test Rinkeby and twitter use your address inside your comment to have ether free
Umar Abbas
Dec 25 2017 21:11
@pascal1990 great code Buddy
Dec 25 2017 21:48
Can anyone help me
When either delta went down I tried to manually release my smart contract and it says error how can we fix this on the ferry I'm network it's very disturbing
sorry talk n type when ether Delta had their DNS servers attacked I tried to manually release my tokens in the contract. when I clicked with drawl token the funds would not release and it would say error
I followed all of the steps correctly
If someone permanently takes down either delta everyone's funds could be lost is looking for a developer