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Dec 2017
Dec 27 2017 07:09 UTC
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function Crowdsale(
Spanning multiple lines.
in crowdsale can some one help
Dec 27 2017 09:13 UTC
How can i resolve this error : "
Could not connect to your Ethereum client. Please check that your Ethereum client:
- is running
- is accepting RPC connections (i.e., "--rpc" option is used in geth)
- is accessible over the network
- is properly configured in your Truffle configuration file (truffle.js)
Dec 27 2017 10:43 UTC
is there a way to build with testnet in ethereum wallet?
Dec 27 2017 11:46 UTC
ETH transaction is being delayed now. Do you guys have heard of any idea that figure out this problem form ETH developers?
if it goes like this, the service on ETH platform will have serious problems..
Dec 27 2017 14:52 UTC
am following the pet-shop-tutorial
using testrpc... localhost:8545.. configured Metamask to connect locally..ok i can see the first account with reduced Balance after migration.. but
when i Click on the Adopt button nothing happens..
in console.. web3.eth.accounts only returns the 1 account
and in the app.js;
returns an array but all with 0x0000.... addresses
and Metamask does not open to confirm transfer/transaction
Dec 27 2017 15:09 UTC
in the logs.. cannot see a transaction after calling
// Execute adopt as a transaction by sending account
return adoptionInstance.adopt(petId, {from: account});
Dec 27 2017 15:25 UTC
nevermind.. i think the problem is here
function adopt(uint petId) public view returns (uint) { ... }
"view" should not be there
Dec 27 2017 19:23 UTC
Dec 27 2017 22:57 UTC