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Jan 2018
Jan 01 2018 12:23 UTC
I have a question and i m hoping someone can assist or help point me to the right direction. After a crowdsale on erc20, how can i programmatically distribute my token to a list of address
i.e how do i interface with the smart contract to automate such distribution of tokens? Am i to write the codes in javascript or what
Jan 01 2018 13:04 UTC
I want to develop my own coins and ico in nodejs. can anyone help me??
Jan 01 2018 13:29 UTC
please ihave a probleme with " transaction sended from my ewalett in binance in ETC to other ewalet in eth but not provided how can i return my crypto? thk's
Laxman Singh
Jan 01 2018 13:54 UTC
Hello, i already created my token using ERC20 token standard and published my contract. What i need now is to set some starting price of my tokens. Can anybody help me where can i find detail about setting up price for my tokens ? as of now in etherscan i see $0 value/token .. please help ?
Jan 01 2018 14:21 UTC
@lapitsrepo interesting,I have the same issue
@lapitsrepo are you plan to start an ico?
Laxman Singh
Jan 01 2018 15:16 UTC
@alexgiul i don't want to start ico. I already have some investors which are ready to buy my tokens :smile: if you have any idea about setting up price for tokens please share. thank you
Jan 01 2018 15:30 UTC
@lapitsrepo I am sorry I havent understood yet how to correctly setup it
Laxman Singh
Jan 01 2018 17:08 UTC
anyone there who knows that how prices are set for tokens ? if on basis of supply and demand, then who will decide and who will set price in etherscan where my contracted is published ?
Jan 01 2018 17:28 UTC
Yo I just made a token in Ethereum Wallet, it said the confirmations would go through for the contract within 1 minute, but now it's been 40 minutes and none of the confirmations have happened... Any idea what this may be?
Jan 01 2018 19:38 UTC
hi you can set 0.000001$
in start
as this is best which can increase trust level
and show more point that you can grow sooo high
Daniel Kapper
Jan 01 2018 23:42 UTC
What programming languages is this?