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Jan 2018
Jan 06 2018 00:28

I am confuse about setting up coins during making contract.

There is Initial Suppy: and Total Supply.
KITTEN COIN : said total supply 40000000 and in source code has same 40000000 coin supply.
But from smart code:

totalSupply 40000000000000000 uint256
kittensIssued 5782106200000000 uint256
You can check this contract:
What is the difference? What is this coin total supply?????? That can sale???

Jan 06 2018 09:04
Hi @Loretta1982 sure.
Jan 06 2018 10:23
Hi here is said I have to check with the sender...i'm the sender?
Could you help me?
Jan 06 2018 11:14
@Sabi3003 okay, you can tell me here or email me at Loretta1982 at gmail dot com (
hi all~ i am also new & have an ethereum app that im almost ready to launch... i need advisors/partners/investors... any tips? thanks in advance!
Jan 06 2018 14:45
Hi all ,
i already write the code for the contract , why when i click deploy doesn't works ?
Jan 06 2018 14:46
Do you have gas?
I.e. the fee for it?
If so send it to ethereumpool
Jan 06 2018 17:40
Hi guys, I am excited being here but I'm totally new to coding. So, I am at the green stage now. Is there any advise I can get to better understand how to start my own organization?