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Jan 2018
Jan 07 2018 00:46
Hi All, I'm learning how to create token and crowd funding via MIST testnet , I was able to create token and crowd funding contract using the example shown on ethereum doc. However, I'm unable to send test ethers to crowdfund contract. Any help would be appreciated. And if you have a working example of crowd fund contract , could you please share a GitHub link to it
Yasin Shuman
Jan 07 2018 01:25
hi all, i wrote this quick easy to follow tutorial great for beginners about how to write a smart contract.
Jan 07 2018 01:35
Hi, I am following this tutorial :
And I jsut pasted the last contract(Improved Coin,FULL COIN CODE) on a solo network. But when I want to deploy the contract I get a "itrinsic gas too low"
is there anything I am missing with the contract to make it work?
Jan 07 2018 01:54
nver mind, found it
Nguyen Dang Quang
Jan 07 2018 08:53
anyone here to help? I'm installing Ethereum via Homebrew but it has error
Submodule 'tests' ( registered for path 'tests/testdata' Cloning into 'tests/testdata'... error: RPC failed; result=56, HTTP code = 200 fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly fatal: early EOF fatal: index-pack failed Clone of '' into submodule path 'tests/testdata' failed package exit status 1
I'm on MacOS High Serria
Nguyen Dang Quang
Jan 07 2018 09:08
No problem, I fixed this! This is because my network
Jan 07 2018 14:26
Hi Team, in which programming language ethereum was working
Nick Garbusa
Jan 07 2018 21:08
@GautamGolthi you mean the smart contracts?