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Jan 2018
Jan 11 2018 02:04
stupid question, once you deployed a contract, can you make changes to the code?
Jan 11 2018 02:08
hey guys, i have a simple question: in the erc20 example we have tokenRecipient sender = tokenRecipient(_sender) where tokenRecipient is declared as an 'interface' outside of the contract class
function approveAndCall(address _spender, uint256 _value, bytes _extraData)
returns (bool success) {
tokenRecipient spender = tokenRecipient(_spender);
if (approve(_spender, _value)) {
spender.receiveApproval(msg.sender, _value, this, _extraData);
return true;
interface tokenRecipient { function receiveApproval(address _from, uint256 _value, address _token, bytes _extraData) public; }
the interface is called upon just by calling it? Also, how can you only send _sender variable in the tokenRecipient call if it takes 3 values?
or rather, the only function inside of it takes 3 values, so what are we passing _sender variable to?
Jan 11 2018 03:04
Hi I am trying to create a token and I have no Idea where to start. I am on the create my own cyrpto page however the site is not allowing me to input information
Jan 11 2018 03:05
@CCASHDAN Doesn't the page tell you to paste the code into Mist? I think you need to install Mist to follow that tutorial
Jan 11 2018 03:05
No i did not see that any where. I will check out mist and see what I can find thanks
Jan 11 2018 03:06
Is this the tutorial?
Jan 11 2018 03:06
Yes I went through the tutorial
Im not exactly an IT person
Jan 11 2018 03:08
Pretty sure in the beginning it says something about Mist. Probably faster is to use Remix, which would let you do the same stuff on a website.
Jan 11 2018 03:08
I remix on the ether block chain?
I need like an idiot proof setup where I can just plug the numbers of tokens and address to and from wallets and price of token issues
Jan 11 2018 03:10
You can set up Remix to use mainnet, or testnet (either an official one like ropsten or a temporary in-memory one)
Jan 11 2018 03:11
ok im going to google Remix now and see if i can find it
Jan 11 2018 03:11
yeah, should come up
Jan 11 2018 04:17
Hi, how to set gas price to send when executing a contract from mist wallet ? Executing the transaction said me it will fail cause no gas price is set by default
Sorry, i found the answer, it was not obvious that you can edit gas limit in wallet on transaction confirmation modal.
Jan 11 2018 06:16
Hey anyont interested in setting my own currency for me?? Planning on a real profitable business plan with actually hardware... willing to pay $50
setting up*
Preferbly one pair with btc one with eth
@R @ghostwithroast
Liran Markin
Jan 11 2018 11:40
Hi, I have created a contract and I want to publish it to the main-net, I have noticed it costs 3 million gas, according to safe-low (21 gwei) on it costs more than 70 dollars! Is it possible to use really low gas price (ex. 5, 10 gwei) and it will be accepted eventually? I do not mind waiting up to one day.
Jan 11 2018 12:10
I have so far spent many times gas for sending my token and it has only worked twice but the fees are paid.conclusion:I have spent money for nothing back.The fees system is not very clear for me.
What do I wrong?
Jan 11 2018 12:22
how to setup crowdsale
i just created contract using code from here
thanks in advance
Jan 11 2018 12:46
we are also struct at the same point. if you get anything more about this like what is the next step after token creation step. kindly update me or inform me. here
Jan 11 2018 13:04
ok @rushabhmadhu18121987
Jan 11 2018 13:21
Please someone know a quick tutorials Auth-Crowdsale, I'll like to have the Auth process and show what amount user participate
Jan 11 2018 13:49
the gitter how to set proxy