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Jan 2018
Jan 18 2018 03:40
Hi. Looking for an answer, would appreciate any help. If you are planning to airdrop tokens to users' ethereum addresses, is there a way to determine that an address belongs to a crypto exchange? If so, how can one carry put the airdrop to all collected addresses EXCEPT those that belong to an exchange?
Reactive Space
Jan 18 2018 07:26
hi guys
@bitsabhi i need littlebit help
Jan 18 2018 10:47
@bitsabhi how ICO web site can accept bitcoin to buy ERC20 Token?
Reactive Space
Jan 18 2018 11:18
@alexgiul i also need this
Jan 18 2018 11:18
@reactivespace nice if you find anything usefull pls write me at Are yu writing something for an ICO?
Jan 18 2018 12:08
Hi, i create the smart contracts and simple token with private ethereum using truffle and geth ,what will be next step to circulate the token in networks ?
William Entriken
Jan 18 2018 13:45
I need to find best practices. Is there a good repo with solidity and truffle with all functions documented?
Jeiner Noriega
Jan 18 2018 18:54
Hi everyone, I'm new to blockchain development and was wondering if I can get some guidance on how to get started. I come from a node background. Thank you ☺
Jan 18 2018 21:18
hi guys i have a problem
how can i get more shares from nanopool without disconnecting ?