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Jan 2018
James Brandon
Jan 20 2018 00:21 UTC
Hi everyone, just a quick question... I am a web developer and currently building a large 200 GPU setup of rigs for mining however I am looking to maybe soon do ICO Token sales but looking for advise on best way to create own ICO / Currency to offer TOKEN Sales etc.... any advise on best approach to this?
James Brandon
Jan 20 2018 01:11 UTC
Sounds good mate, what does the book cover? is it aimed towards someone of my ability being a full stack developer etc.... don't want something basic :)
Thanks for coming back to me swiftly btw :)
Jan 20 2018 01:25 UTC
James,I'm from China doing Ether coins the moment
Hope there rooms for cooperation communication which can make u interested
Jan 20 2018 01:36 UTC
Can I have ur email address? thx!
Jan 20 2018 01:41 UTC
@alexgiul pls drop me a line and ill have my cto contact u. thx!
Keno Leon
Jan 20 2018 02:06 UTC
@hostandname It's not a hard requisite to be full stack, but it certainly helps, if you have previous experience with node, typescript and es6 for instance, although I tried keeping it accessible for folks that just know basic scripting, also it's designed to get you started since I struggled with the docs, it's not a reference, read the first few pages see if it's for you.
Jan 20 2018 11:48 UTC
This forum has not helped me directly for my questions,but it helped me indirectly through other questions/answers
Jan 20 2018 12:41 UTC
hi everyone, yesterday i aske you if it's possible let to pay the transaction fee to another wallet. but i have solved the problem. anyone can help me? thankyou
Jan 20 2018 17:00 UTC
what is the most preferred development tools for ethereum on a windows machine, there are too many combinations i guess, experts in this group can advice on it?
Jan 20 2018 17:12 UTC
Hi, I am getting started building my own coin.. I want that people could able to trade with FIAT currency as well as popular cryptocurrencies... Is there any such payment gateway you can suggest that I need to integrate with???