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Jan 2018
Jan 21 2018 07:46
I was using ethereum 1.7.2 and it got stuck at 99.998 with 77 blocks left. Can I start mining now? or I need to wait till it's 100%?
Pranav Pai Vernekar
Jan 21 2018 15:12
@gk1227 Just delete some memory space from your computer/device and it should work fine. You will need to have at least 20GB of free space. If that does not work then let me know. Will help.
Jan 21 2018 16:49
Starting a new token project.
Anyone interested?
Jan 21 2018 17:20
yes !
i have questions. can anyone help?
basically : if I create a coin right now, can I change the very basics of the code that I'll create right now, anytime ?
or once that its a token, its that kind of eth token for ever?
Jan 21 2018 18:14
@AurelMax fr ever
@ringelweb also I but not found any solution yet
@ringelweb please chat me if you find it
Jan 21 2018 19:18
do anyone have idea that which payment system will use to integrate with the new ICO.