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Jan 2018
Jan 22 2018 01:21 UTC
any help i need to figure out how to find error logs in the open-etherum-pool whats the command please
Jan 22 2018 01:41 UTC
Hello, I have a question what can you buy with ETH coin?
David Stewart
Jan 22 2018 03:15 UTC
Hey Any one have the issue where the install hangs
Checking Network @ Block 3,632,966 of ,4949,935
13 peers
Jan 22 2018 05:52 UTC

After I copy the "Minimum Viable Token" verbatim to, I'm getting this error:

Could not compile source code.

Error: The method eth_compileSolidity does not exist/is not available

Actually, any code can't be compiled, no matter how simple it is.
Please help

Shebin John
Jan 22 2018 08:02 UTC
Is the codes in updated every once in a while?
Jan 22 2018 08:38 UTC
Just one thing, with Ethereum wallet and smart contracts you're just creating "tokens" not cryptocurrency as such, isn't it?
Jan 22 2018 09:13 UTC
Peeps: Stay the F*%# away from CoinbaseDotCom!!!!
Jan 22 2018 10:56 UTC
Why? What happens?
Jan 22 2018 12:10 UTC
@Juli15Boy They are the worst! my laptop had a wyoming address (auto fill) which i did not notice when i was updating my coinbase account. So this mofos closed my account without any notice! instantly! I guess wyoming doesn't not accept Crypto. But anyway, coinbase has no support system only a stupid bot. I can't even get in touch with a real person to fix my account. As a result 3 accounts with 3 different email address' have been closed INSTANTLY (upon registration) because they are link to my SSN. What a bunch of HS. I live in California my whole life. Thats the funny part.