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Jan 2018
Jan 26 2018 03:33
can you please help me to mine eth
Jan 26 2018 03:42
@aelkins3 That's a good question. There is the bitcoin developer's guide, even if what you are developing is not bitcoin. There are also good books out there.
@aelkins3 But those are not all the steps to ICO. Unfortunately, getting to ICO is TOO EASY. That is why there are so many scams out there.
Andrew Elkins
Jan 26 2018 03:44
What are the best books on it?
Jan 26 2018 03:45
what is the best mining software
Jan 26 2018 04:11
@SriNirmalKumaar-NimiTheUltimate As far as I know mining software is determined by mining hardware and algo.
After that, you may need to shop around for the one that is right for you.
Jan 26 2018 04:50
is winminer is ok
and i am using i5 4210u and gtx 820m
Jan 26 2018 04:51
@SriNirmalKumaar-NimiTheUltimate I would not know off the top of my head. What currency or hardware do you want to mine (with)?
Jan 26 2018 04:51
i am getting only by the cpu
sometimes the gpu will mine
Jan 26 2018 04:52
You want to do CPU mining or GPU?
Jan 26 2018 04:52
anything with good hash rate and also it should have higher value
i also have a i3 340m and also some other pc with only cpu
and also i have a pc with i5 5th gen and nvidia gt210
Jan 26 2018 04:53
Usually you get faster hashrates with GPU but that does not mean more profits.
Jan 26 2018 04:54
yes i knew that
Jan 26 2018 04:55
Winminer is very practical for people who are not heavily involved in mining. Otherwise you will be running a headless miner just about 24/7.
What I mean by that is you would otherwise be running a miner in a non-graphical environment.
@SriNirmalKumaar-NimiTheUltimate I can't tell you if this is a CPU or GPU or both/neither miner.
In addition, GPU miners may vary by manufacturer (NVIDIA, AMD).
I'd say the easiest way for you to get started is with winminer. You can just install it and see how well it does.
Jan 26 2018 05:06
Hello, I was wondering if anyone here would know why my parity isn't able to synched. It's been more than 24 hours since I opened the account.
Jan 26 2018 05:18
i am mining 24/7 with winiminer
it is so good
i can use that remotely from any pc
i can control that onlin
and i even try using nice hash
and how is the minergate
also weather we can use eth os to mine or the ordinary windows is enough
also i want a software that should be capable to control more pc remotely form any device online.
as because i am using more computers to mine to a single account
any genius online to give an valuable answer to these questions above
Jan 26 2018 05:35
who is here
Jan 26 2018 06:03
i am here
can anyone give answer for the question which i have posted?
Jan 26 2018 06:39
Jan 26 2018 16:08
Jan 26 2018 18:23
does anyone know how can I use kovan ether to delpoy contrancts in the main etherum network?
Jan 26 2018 18:58
Hi i want to create my own coin to be tradedable in the future but there is two tutorials in here, one with create a cryptocurrency and the other create a crowdsale. Cant i use the my own cryptocurrency to do the crowdsale also ????
Jan 26 2018 22:59
I want to set the token value
with increment of 1% daily
but I don't know how to code it
can anyone help?