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Jan 2018
Tom Broomer
Jan 27 2018 02:33
Can someone help me
im doing the first part and it keeps reutnring an error
contract MyToken {
    /* This creates an array with all balances */
    mapping (address => uint256) public balanceOf;
this is what im putting in
to the contract

im getting this: Could not compile source code.

Source file does not specify required compiler version!Consider adding "pragma solidity ^0.4.18
contract MyToken {
Spanning multiple lines.

Jan 27 2018 06:36
@TomBroomer you need add " pragma solidity ^0.4.18" at beginning of your contract.
Jan 27 2018 07:14
I'm deploying contract now. But why i click the "Deploy" button, but there is nothing to happen.The button should change the word about "SENDING". what's wrong? who can help me
Jan 27 2018 11:33

i use this command to start ganache

ganache-cli -p 7545 -i 5777

on my local machine (16gb Ram) it works fine
but on aws (1gb Ram)
i can deploy the contract and add content to it... i can see the transaction in logs..
but when i try .call() to retreive the added content nothing happens
why it works locally and not on AWS?
Jan 27 2018 11:35
Jan 27 2018 11:37
Hey, is there a default function that gets called whenever someone sends ether to a smart contract?
got it already.
Jan 27 2018 11:44
How to create a token
Jan 27 2018 12:05
How long it takes to install Ethereum Wallet、
一直显示Downloading new node....
Jan 27 2018 12:10
Jan 27 2018 15:40
I want to launch my own coin can anyone assist
Jan 27 2018 15:41
@nextsense6253 Are you prepared to pay market rate for that assistance, or are you looking for someone to work for you for free?
Jan 27 2018 17:47
@nextsense6253 we have a team that have been actively creating a launch platform for new tokens.
Jan 27 2018 19:26
I'm just starting. Can someone send me a link to where we start writing the code to launch a coin?
Jan 27 2018 20:27
Do I have to download Ethereum Wallet or do I launch the code somewhere on the site? Or is there a link somewhere? I'd so appreciate anyone's help
@nextsense6253 what do you charge?
Jan 27 2018 20:34
@SpiritualGrace pricing depends upon your needs within your dapp and functionality of your token.
Jan 27 2018 23:20
I’m looking to set up a club that issues Tokens that are set at a particular value. There will be a limited amount of tokens available ( 20,000 – 10,000 are held by the club) and each token gives the holder a % of the clubs revenue generated through its activity. The more tokens a member holds (there is a limit to the number they may have) the higher the revenue generated.
Revenue may be in the form of rewards points that may be redeemed for goods or a pre-paid visa.
The Tokens are non-refundable.
Once all tokens are taken up, a new issue (Version 2) will be issued.
Is this something that I can build using the Ethereum platform?
I will require a competent programmer – do you have contacts to programmers who understand the block chain – Fiver is too uncertain.
As Token will be non-refundable, they may however be traded. If the Tokens are regarded as being a currency within the club, as the club grows in worth, the tokens may also grow in value and be traded for cash – is my understanding correct here.
I’m new to this and not too tech savvy - Your feedback would be much appreciated. FYI - I have tried to contact Ethereum via their and it tells me 'Address Not Found'??