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Jan 2018
Jan 29 2018 04:19
ethereum crowdsale contract example has 'throw' invarious lines - this is deprecated - can 'throw' be replaced with 'revert' or is there an updated version of this page/contract
Jan 29 2018 09:01
@angel20188 Hi! Do you finally found a solution for this?
@lvto2000 It's just for knoweledge purpose, but you know how to do it, or did you found some way to do it? :)
Jan 29 2018 10:21
actually still looking for advice - is there a repo of updated standard token contract code that uses new syntax - so it would replace 'throw' with newer keywords such as 'revert' or 'request'
Jan 29 2018 12:22
ok thanks will try
Jan 29 2018 12:37
Thanks Phalexo. ASIC - the Australian Securities and Investment Commission is very strict in the matter of securities. We're meeting with a financial planner and an attorney this week regarding this matter and to see whether we create the company in Australia to be compliant under ASIC rules or to go off-shore.
Eugeniu Rusu
Jan 29 2018 17:14
Hello everyone, quick question:
Can Solidity functions marked as "view" emit events?
Or rather should they?
Remix gives me this warning : "Warning: Function declared as view, but this expression (potentially) modifies the state and thus requires non-payable (the default) or payable."
When I trigger an event.
Eugeniu Rusu
Jan 29 2018 18:00
Nevermind, figured it out ^_^
Jan 29 2018 19:57
Hello guys, I want to ask. Do you think its wise if you could develop a token then sell it to someone else to be the owner of it?