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Jan 2018
Jan 30 2018 01:14
Hello everyone! Beginner here, just going through some of the tutorials from truffle and open-zeppelin. Anyone in the same boat?
Jan 30 2018 08:17
If i make a toke ( is this also a coin ?
Jan 30 2018 09:28
Hi, after develop the smart contract with truffle why we should run the truffle everyday? Any other idea keep running the truffle until we stop the process ?
Jan 30 2018 09:56
how do we set the initialSupply in standard TokenERC20 contract
Jan 30 2018 15:48
@NECAnGeL in the page given, it says "Tokens in the ethereum ecosystem can represent any fungible tradable good: coins... " so, if you create the token as a coin, then yes, it will be a coin