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Feb 2018
Feb 02 2018 00:23
Hi, I'm just starting to begin to make my own token but have run into a beginners problem
to the right of the solidity contract source code window there is an error message that reads 'Cannot compile source code'
The code I have input is exactly how it reads in the tutorial as follows...

contract MyToken {
/ This creates an array with all balances /
mapping (address => uint256) public balanceOf;

function MyToken(uint256 initialSupply) {
    balanceOf[msg.sender] = initialSupply;


Any help with what I may be doing wrong?
Feb 02 2018 01:07

I have a good idea ... a good product but I need funding to develop what would be the best alternatives within the blokchain platform.

I look forward to helping you and your business.

Best regards
Max Souza - Rio de Janeiro / Brazil

Feb 02 2018 07:49
hello, everyone. My geth's version is 1.7.3-stable-4bb3c89d; I installed solc. I want to know how to execute the code about "var greeterFactory = eth.contract(<contents of the file Greeter.abi>)
var greeterCompiled = "0x" + "<contents of the file Greeter.bin" which is one step of official tutorial : :fire:
Mob Dev
Feb 02 2018 21:19
Hello everyone.
How are you?
I want to make a new setup
can you make it so every time the token is transfered we own the hub
I don't know whats better tokens or coin.
can you help me ?
If it's possible, how can setup your plan ?
I look forward to helping you and your business.