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Feb 2018
Feb 12 2018 07:43
@padilla360 yes.. how can i help?
Feb 12 2018 11:58
What I'm thinking of is what everyone needs.
First of all, what should I know to create a new digital currency?
How much money is needed?
How long will it take?
What are the main conditions for creating a new digital currency?
What are your conditions for creating a new digital currency?
How many people and with what expertise will we need?
Feb 12 2018 12:01
Generally you would need to 1)understand blockchain
2) learn solidity
3) Get a good ide/platform for development example : dokin (
As for time and money it varies alot
Feb 12 2018 13:57
What infrastructure will be needed to create a new digital currency?
I have heard that today, the creation of a digital currency on the
platform of the Austrian is so simple as setting up a new site with
Of course, I do not have $ 100,000, but I'll give you 5 million new
digital currency tokens, which we'll be making with the help of the
start-up. What do you think?
Feb 12 2018 16:02
@all hi all! One question regarding the blockchain tehcnology itself (not only Ethereum): Would it be possible join point one blockchain to another? Using the Hash ID of the blocks from BC1 to point at info in blocks from blockchain BC2 ?
Markus Streicher
Feb 12 2018 17:50
Hi! How much Ether is needed to start a crowdsale?
Feb 12 2018 19:03
Dear Natali
How is this possible? Can you explain me completely by sending me an email(