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Feb 2018
Feb 22 2018 02:00
Hi, somebody know how to write function when client send ETH to contract, it will return the number of token?
sagar jethi
Feb 22 2018 05:43
Hello all, how to get all address list which have my token my token?
sagar jethi
Feb 22 2018 05:56
@pandapo0411 DM
Feb 22 2018 07:14
hi. I am follow the tutorial to create a token. but when I click on deploy, there is nothing happen
can anyone help
Gajanan Wankhede
Feb 22 2018 09:35
Feb 22 2018 15:32
anybody here
Hello there
I am new to this community
Please excuse me any of my ignorance
Jump jump
Feb 22 2018 17:45
Ken Garofalo
Feb 22 2018 18:00
Did you add the custom token to your address that created it - this is how you view it after the creation