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Feb 2018
Feb 23 2018 05:18
hello everyone I new to everything here and excited about the future of the blockchain.
Feb 23 2018 07:02
Can I change the initial supply after deploying the contract?
Feb 23 2018 07:15
hello all, I open my wallet and 0 Balance shows. what can I do to see my classic ETH please anyone?
Feb 23 2018 08:16
Hi folks, because Ethereum blockchain eat whole SSD every few days, I must doing frequent cancel of GETH and backup of account. There is one flaw: At every backup event. all ETH are saved and all tokens (yes, I administered tokens) vanished completely. Is there someone who knows how way backup also Admin account for tokens ? Thanks Ivan
Feb 23 2018 09:27
The event was very troublesome.
Feb 23 2018 11:47
Hi all!, does anybody has an example on how to send coins from an account to a smartcontract and then from this smartcontract to another account? It would be very useful. Many thanks!
Feb 23 2018 17:47
I am trying to create a wrapper for golem like token..if I follow this guide here:
Can I just change the values of contract and decimals or do i need to completly start over ?
Hira Siddiqui
Feb 23 2018 20:41
Hi folks, I copied the shareholder association contract from the official website and tried to deploy it on ropsten using remix, but the gas required is infinite. Does that mean that the code on the official site is broken?
Feb 23 2018 23:10
Hi, how many nodes can confirm the correctness of the hash value.
In one of blockchain paper, all other nodes must mutually confirm the correctness of the hash value.