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Feb 2018
Feb 27 2018 02:26
how to migrate my Token contract to ethereum main network,so everyone can buy it use real eth,
Feb 27 2018 10:16
@mxito3 deploy it on mainnet
Feb 27 2018 11:22
Hi folks, because Ethereum blockchain eat whole SSD every few days, I must doing frequent cancel of GETH and backup of account. There is one flaw: At every backup event. all ETH are saved and all tokens (yes, I administered tokens) vanished completely. Is there someone who knows how way backup also Admin account for tokens ? Thanks Ivan
Feb 27 2018 11:29
hi developer
Feb 27 2018 17:28
Hey guys, I have a question. When creating a new token, what would happen if the demand for that token was higher than etherium and the price became higher - is there a value link somehow?