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Mar 2018
Mar 13 2018 00:57
Hello folks, I'm fairly new with solidity, still learning, I usually deploy smart contracts in ethereum/mist and then test them on testnet by calling each transaction manually. Is this a proper way to test smart contracts ? what are the other better/easier methods? (I've heard about truffle & Dapple, but don't know how to use them) thanks
Mar 13 2018 02:11
@phalexo Thanx
@rfikki Thanx
Johannes Breytenbach
Mar 13 2018 02:25
I'm trying to deploy a contract on the Rinkeby test network. To do this I'm using MetaMask and Remix. I've ensured that I've selected Rinkeby as my network in MetaMask and "Injected Web3" in Remix. My MetaMask account displays as the available account in Remix. When I click create MetaMask asks me to submit the transaction. I do this and my MetaMask window disappears. However, at this point nothing happens. I've been waiting for an hour with no results. What am I missing?
Ayushya Devmurari
Mar 13 2018 06:14
Open metamask check your last transaction... is it failed ? When I deployed my first smart contract and I tried to do some transactions using metamask I faced this that all my transactions were failing
Mar 13 2018 07:01
Hi folks, because Ethereum blockchain eat whole SSD every few days, I must doing frequent cancel of GETH and backup of account. There is one flaw: At every backup event. all ETH are saved and all tokens (yes, I administered tokens) vanished completely. Is there someone who knows how way backup also Admin account for tokens ? Thanks
Adam Skrodzki
Mar 13 2018 07:03
@webshopcz not sure what You are trying to achieve, what do You need full node for?
You need private kays to those accounts
is it mainNet/Ropsten/Rinkeby blockchain or some other?
Reactive Space
Mar 13 2018 08:36
@inairdavis inbox me
@lnairdavis available
Mar 13 2018 16:32
Does anyone has a code for sending token to muliple addresses
Or A code that will allow ether sender to return token in return when send 0 eth to an address
I have created the token already
Mar 13 2018 18:50
Mar 13 2018 22:31
is there a way to make a contract that can sell a preselected amount of tokens that i hold automatically? anyone?