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Mar 2018
Mar 14 2018 01:29 UTC

I send ether to crowdsale contract address, but it doesn't work.
I have error 'Transaction Error, Exception thrown in contract code.' in metamask when send ether to crowdsale contract.

Reference code that i copied is ''
What can i do ? please help me.

Mar 14 2018 02:18 UTC
Thank you in advance for anyone that can tell me if after if after i create my token on the ethereum blockchain, can i attach other smart contracts to my token? Or build on it with more code?
Mar 14 2018 06:57 UTC
@adamskrodzki Dear Adam, thanks for attention. Situation: We have standard official Ethereum Wallet on desktop Linux. We have launched tokens, no problem with tokens, transfers goes O.K.. Where is problem: Every day 6GB is added to our GETH, so even big SSD are full after few days. Wallet is never capable to synchronize on classic rotary HDD, so is need use a SSD. After SSD is full there we conduct backup and erase SSD and start new synchronization. After synchronization is done, only account with ETH money is saved, admin account for control of tokens everytime is vanishing. Pure horror. Ethereum foundation with 30 million USD on account is not capable to dispatch one man into support of this issue. Note: Few hundreds ICOs use Ethereum token as standard, so we are curious, how way they conduct their business.
Shortly: How way to backup admin account for issued Tokens ?
@lnairdavis Yes, we are capable and have praxis. Please contact us on mail:
Mar 14 2018 11:36 UTC
hi are you there ?
i am using ether wallet , but it is showing downloading peers from two days
Mar 14 2018 13:14 UTC
and my balance is not showing in Ether wallet , although internet is connected , and if i am checking on website , then shows my ether balance , may i know , how to solve this error , and how to make contract on ethereum wallet on windows platform , read out so many tutorials , bur Ethereum wallet is always showing , Downloading peers , it downloads more than 60 GB data in my windows laptop ,
Han Victor
Mar 14 2018 14:58 UTC
Hi, I'm new to ethereum.
I'm gonna develop python project to implement ehtereum wallet.
Is pyethereum package proper to my project?
Help me.