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Mar 2018
Mar 15 2018 02:35
Can anyone explain this to me please? "Warning: This opens you to the danger of hostile takeover. At any point during the crowdsale anyone who donates more than the amount already raised will be able to control the whole pie and steal it"
^ from "unlimited crowdsale" page
Mar 15 2018 15:15
hello contract owner can transfer from one accoun to andthor account which have 0 ETH
Pico Joule
Mar 15 2018 20:02
how do smart contracts interact with state channels?
can a smart contract operate a state channel with users?
ok so i guess state channels operate off-chain whereas smart contracts are executed onchain
even so, can you have a smart contract operation that does some state channel stuff on nodes that have the necessary state channel component attached?
raiden client or whatever
Pico Joule
Mar 15 2018 20:09
i dont have a clear picture of how all of this works so to anyone who can explain i would be thankful