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Mar 2018
Mar 16 2018 01:18 UTC
hi I am also new on the ethereum
I gonna develop this to the IOT device < the question is it , can ethereum hlep to deveop it on iot ?
Adam Skrodzki
Mar 16 2018 07:51 UTC

@webshopcz almost for sure You do not need full node to use Ethereum You have

PM me for details

Mar 16 2018 09:20 UTC
@adamskrodzki Dear Adam, for Token construction and issuance there is mandatory official Ethereum Wallet, which mean full node. Every token issuance mean another Admin Account (address) for particular token issuance, which mean every day new 6GB in GETH. Standard rotary HDD never was capable of synchronization, only fast (530 MB/sec) SSD are capable of synchronization. So typical 256GB SSD is gone within few days. If You know different way to for launch (issuance) of tokens without official Ethereum Wallet and full node, please reveal this one. Thanks