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Mar 2018
Mar 19 2018 07:08
is there any api in php for send erc20 token one eth address to othere
Mar 19 2018 07:42
anyone there who know about it
can guide me
Mar 19 2018 08:16
var code = "formatted";
Mar 19 2018 08:35
Hello, guys. Can some one help me please :) . I am playing around with crowdsale from ethereum official page. In remix I am creating contract, I put information like this: "0x14723a09acff6d2a60dcdf7aa4aff308fddc160c", 100,5,50,""0x0fdf4894a3b7c5a101686829063be52ad45bcfb7"
So, my ICO deadline is 5minutes, but it's not counting
when I click on deadline every time it shows:
0: uint256: 1521446508
When I check token award address or where to send token after successful ico, shows perfectly
Thanks ;)
Mar 19 2018 20:27
Hi, is it possible to get from RCP API the same information as I get there
In other words I need to get transactions for some address.
I see that transaction 0x8a16153a.. is included in block 5014010. But when I get data from web3.getBlock(5014010) and analyse it, there are no transactions, that has "to" address that equals 0x974b4687...
How can I find this transaction related to address 0x974b4687 ?
Adam Skrodzki
Mar 19 2018 21:16
I'm not PHP myself