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Mar 2018
Mar 22 2018 01:54
require(balanceOf[_to] + _value > balanceOf[_to]) equals require(_value > 0)?
Mar 22 2018 02:21
i first come here
Mar 22 2018 05:08
I am new to blockchain. I want to know how to run the various codes given in the examples. How do run the code or get to the interface?
Mar 22 2018 10:53
Please help on how to send token to multiple addresses..
M Bipul Khan
Mar 22 2018 11:11
Hello, I bipul Khan, I am very new on Block chain technology. but I am ready to start the ethereum smart contract . I am very interested to do. please guide me how to start..
Mar 22 2018 16:47

Good afternoon everyone (Brazil), a help for the beginner here .... How do you put balance in a Wallet in the ETH test network ?!

I'm calling the API to create wallet (on the test network) ok, now I need to program to send balance but with zero balance it will not work is not. So how can I put a balance in a wallet on the test network ?!

All adjustments are welcome!

Mar 22 2018 18:51
@Magnoes your local blockchain is not accessible by anyone else from other system.In order to access your contracts your peers need to download you full blockchain.
Jack Ross
Mar 22 2018 20:36
I'm messing around with making my own smart contract with the Ethereum Wallet but when I paste the code from I get an error on the second line that causes it not to compile. Any ideas?