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Mar 2018
Hargobind Gupta
Mar 23 2018 07:46 UTC
Hey I am working on a POC for keeping land record on Blockchain. Can anyone help me with the reference code Please .
Mar 23 2018 09:33 UTC
@Jvckson the same problem with your , is the example contract available ?
Error tips: Functions in interfaces should be declared external.
Mar 23 2018 09:49 UTC
One big problem: Tomorrow issued new official Ethereum wallet 0 10 has totally incompatible "Deploy New Contract" section with official samples of token on website. Is here one, who know solution ?
Mar 23 2018 10:18 UTC
so the official samples is work in wallet 0 .9 ?
Mar 23 2018 10:31 UTC
@Evanlai8 yes, and every day 6GB of your SSD is eaten and it is not possible to back-up admin account for Token account - very dangerous detail
Mar 23 2018 11:23 UTC
The new update 0.10.00 not working on my mac... any suggestions?
It says connection error
Mar 23 2018 14:15 UTC
I want to create a signed transaction using C#, which will later be used by Nethereum via JSON-RPC to call eth_sendRawTransaction. Without using var web3 = new Web3 ();
Mar 23 2018 17:23 UTC
Ima make a shitcoin
Shitcoins are kool
Seems easy
Yurii Prudskyi
Mar 23 2018 18:12 UTC

Hi! I am new to crypto-world and I have some questions. Idk is it a right room to ask. The question is about ICO. I have read a couple of articles to build a model in my head of how it works. So, if i understood correctly, I need 2 contracts for the ICO:

1) My new coin contract (with transfer method).

2) Crowdsale contract which accepts ETH and give users my tokens in reward.

I can not understand few things:

1) What would prevent users from starting exchanging my coins just after they get it? They have access to transfer method. They say "exchanging coins is allowed after ICO is ended" in articles, but i can't find any code in examples that disallows it.

2) Is there a connection between my coin contract and user's wallet? Can user see that he has some number of MyCoin on his wallet balance? Or the only place where his balance is stored is storage of my contract?