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Apr 2018
Ranch Camal
Apr 02 2018 01:11
Why am I getting the following error in this code: How do I fix this?
Warning: Functions in interfaces should be declared external.
function receiveApproval(address _from, uint256 _value, address _token, bytes _extraData) public;
interface tokenRecipient { function receiveApproval(address _from, uint256 _value, address _token, bytes _extraData) public; }
Apr 02 2018 07:26
How do I add mint function to my contract created on tokenfactory?
Apr 02 2018 07:28
nobody is helping at all...don't waste you time here
Apr 02 2018 09:56
I am an Ethereum beginner. Now I want to learn more about Ethereum-related knowledge. After creating an Ethereum-based token, I created a token. How do I increase the amount of this token and need to mine? Is this mining process supported by the miners behind the blockchain in the Ethereum network?Does the process of producing a new token require mining? Could you recommend a document for me?Think you in advance.
Apr 02 2018 10:02
anyone here now