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Apr 2018
Apr 11 2018 01:53
i want to sell my token based on round
how i can do that with crowsale
The CLay
Apr 11 2018 05:57
someone got this message
apa kah anda menegerti
Apr 11 2018 09:09
Hi.. Is there a Possibility of Transfer the value of the Issue Token During ICO created on Ethereum to new Coin created or Other Blockchain after Development
Apr 11 2018 09:41
Apr 11 2018 11:50
Hi there im thinking of creating my own tokens so that i can fund my projects of building electric cars in my country. There is a great demand for Innovative products here as people are phrchasers of luxury goods.
We want to become the country's first R&D firm.
Can anyone assist me in crrating my own token.
Chitrank Dixit
Apr 11 2018 13:32

Hello everyone,

I need to make a blockchain based lending platform , I want to know what tech stack should I use, is it Ethereum or Hyperledger fabric that I can use to built that ?

Apr 11 2018 21:00
i like to know how to see my actual fund balance in ethereum wallet as i can see it only in