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Apr 2018
Arnav Vohra
Apr 17 2018 05:59
Hey guys! Made a video on Hashed TimeLock Contracts, which is a super cool concept used in atomic swaps & payment channels
Laxman Singh
Apr 17 2018 06:46
Hello Guys, i hope you are doing great. I had one question in mind about issuance of token contract and issuance of crowdsale contract. Suppose i have already created my Token contract, can we create crowdsale contract for my token contract that i have already created? You help is appreciated. Thanks
Apr 17 2018 07:56
Hello who knows why when I set the ethereum wallet to solo network then select “start mining” from develop menu the status always display “Waiting for blocks..”? But yesterday when I click the “start mining” the wallet began mining and I can send transactions and deploy smart contact.