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Apr 2018
Sean Usher
Apr 29 2018 03:41

@GongJS That would likely be an issue if you were tying to make an ERC20 token. Applications will use the token address and standard interface to interact with the contract. Your token may not work with some other applications, like exchanges.

Is there a reason you don’t want two contracts for two tokens?

Apr 29 2018 08:46
Hi all, if I understand correctly, as long as the ERC-20 contacrt is respected, you can add other methods
Apr 29 2018 08:52
they will just not be usable by wallets/echanges
(the extra functions)
yannam bhanu teja
Apr 29 2018 09:54
how to make an erc20 tokens that is capable of distributing tokens ?
as dividend ?
Alireza G.Kian
Apr 29 2018 15:23
anyone here knows web3py ?
Apr 29 2018 16:30
Apr 29 2018 18:16
@yannambhanuteja I have created a few tokens that can pay out a dividend in either Ether or other tokens. It is not trivial but obviously can be done.