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May 2018
May 07 2018 07:05
Hello ALl, I deployed the DAO smart contract in Remix with Minimum quorum for proposals = 0, Minutes for debate = 1 and Margin of votes for majority = 0 as mentioned in the tutorial. Then I added a Member to vote, created a new proposal to transfer ether to beneficiary, voted on this proposal and then after 1 minute I tried to executeProposal but this proposal never gets passed. Please let me know what I am doing wrong here. THanks in advance
anyone facing same Problem? When I try to "executeProposal" , it says some error with gas consumption leading to fail
May 07 2018 16:39
i want to conect the the geth here , i dnt know how i wil make
May 07 2018 17:21
Hello. I've created an Android library that Interfaces w/ the Api.