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May 2018
Fernando M C de Mello
May 16 2018 03:41
Hello all ! I need help to cancel a Contract created with error ! Any one can help me !
May 16 2018 05:54
May 16 2018 06:29
are we in the same room?
May 16 2018 07:46
@jakeobson @jakeobson I have the same problem
May 16 2018 09:23
I'm developing a little program to extract from ethereum blockchain all transactions related to a smartcontract. There is multiple ethereum clients : geth, parity... is there one faster than others? (I prefer to use a light syncmode to not store the full blockchain...)
Thanks in advance
Priyabrata Dash
May 16 2018 09:25
well then how you plan to parse all contract addresses
May 16 2018 09:29
I just listen to secofic events from the smartcontract
Specific *
Priyabrata Dash
May 16 2018 09:30
you can use web3.js
not sure if this can help
in addition use
May 16 2018 09:35
I understand what you are asking. I probably need a fast sync. Light sync may be too slow.
I want to run my own node actually, I don't want to use infura
But disk space is limited...
But still, is there an faster therein client...
Parity claims to be faster but is there someone who can confirm that?
May 16 2018 11:05
Hi everybody
I'm trying to set up a test (private) network and then exchange ethers between two hosts using cpp-ethereum.
I was following the tutorial on but the config file didn't worked. I wanted to pre-allocate some ethers to my account, but the command:
eth --private 12345 --genesis genesis.json --no-discovery
produced this error:
Unknown field in config: alloc
Although this field is mentioned in the ethdocs.
Thanks in advance
May 16 2018 15:38
I need some help in understanding how. works.! Technically..
It's a private blockchain on ethereum.
It's stores land titles & registries on blockchain..and retrieves whenever needed.!
How is this done.?
Thankx in advance