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May 2018
May 24 2018 12:46
Hey everyone! I dont understand one thing about the tutorial: How does the 'crowdsale' contract have the balance to transfer all these tokens to the buyers? Doesn't it initially have a 0 balance just like any other address?
Any help is appreciated
May 24 2018 14:00
Is there any light sever? My Wallet cannot get synced.
"6 hours since last block"
May 24 2018 17:39
Hello, I have deployed one contract, but it doesn't appear at my Ethereum Wallet, so I can't get the JSON INTERFACE, could someone tell me where to find it? Thanks!
Ishai Strauss
May 24 2018 21:16
Hi everyone, I am looking to set up an ethereum node and stream transactions reliably (i.e. if the stream goes down for any reason, it picks up from where it left off) using web3.js
Can anyone give me a few basic steps that I would need to take?
1) Setup a node
2) Point web3 to the node
3) Call some streamReliably() function