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May 2018
May 31 2018 04:59

Hi guys, im having a problem calling a function deployed to a geth --dev console. I am receiving the error: registerDeed is function a function.

I have used the script from the following contract and deployed with web3.deploy into the terminal

also created the contract in remix and is working fine. Any help as to why this is happening ??

May 31 2018 06:51
is there any comprehensive tutorial for ethereum
how could i start strong in this filed
May 31 2018 09:07
Hello, there is someone that could explain if is necessay to create a shareholder association for a crowdsale?7
I'm not sure if i understand how the shareholder association actually works
May 31 2018 14:04
I finished the AWS Ethereum deployment, however I cannot get the Explorer to work. I am getting a 'Allow Access to Geth and Refresh the Page'. I have tried all the stackoverflow solutions I could find, and recreated my stack from scratch (and resources) multiple times
May 31 2018 14:38
@Alirezasedd What specifically do you want to learn? I would suggest a tutorial with a specific thing you want to learn. Also, if you are new to blockchain all together, I would suggest the IBM Blockchain course on Coursea (it's free)
Also, if you want to learn solidity you can try
It is also free
May 31 2018 20:06
this is extremely confusing can someone tell me how i can get my PPI OUT OF THE CONTRACT and back into the Etherwallet?
Ishai Strauss
May 31 2018 21:17