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Jun 2018
Michael Rice
Jun 05 2018 00:01
@parismollo did you ever get an answer to your question? What do you mean by association? I’m in the States and the term doesn’t mean anything to me
Baldeep Singh
Jun 05 2018 07:02
Hello, i am looking for some resources for Decentralized Identity Management System. I would like to build a Dapp regarding the same and would like to have some better insight into this topic.
Jun 05 2018 07:14
I created my own token
Jun 05 2018 08:39
@rakeshkumar33 is your token on github?
Jun 05 2018 19:55
hi everyone i can't make any transaction to send ether or create contract on my private network i keep getting Error: exceeds block gas limit even though i kept increasing gas limit in my genesis block and re-init
help plz