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Jun 2018
Jun 07 2018 05:03
Jun 07 2018 10:34
Hi everybody, I need your opinion on POA. Link to their wizard: - Also please help me in clarification of a crowdsale project process: What if I want to develop my own contract? Do I need POA for start and deploy mine contract later, or just start from scratch? Thank you for your answers and advices.
Jun 07 2018 13:58
I know it's too easy way, but I am new to ethereum and Solidity and I don't want to fail.
Jun 07 2018 15:01
No idea, in general if you can't write a SC its a bad idea to do an ICO or crowdsale or whatever
Jun 07 2018 15:10
Ok, thank you, @MeoowWoof
Jun 07 2018 23:06
Hello everyone,
how do I help the project?
I want to help with translation
but couldn't find any info regarding this