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Jun 2018
Narendra Murthy
Jun 08 2018 07:44
Hi everyone, i am new to stockfunding, could someone suggest me how to create a share association ??
Jun 08 2018 08:44
Hi, is there any way to create ethereum wallet with one account and many addresses without hd?
Jun 08 2018 08:47
what are you trying to accomplish? You can't create one account with multiple address (even an HD wallet is just a way to create many accounts in a deterministic way from a single seed), but you might be able to accomplish what you're trying to do in a different way.
Jun 08 2018 09:30
@phiferd i read about HD wallet, thanks. is it good tu create hd wallet in case ethereum?
Jun 08 2018 20:39

Hello, I have ethereum explorer running on my local system, but i want to host it on linux hosting, i am not getting in help from google, please guide me regarding this.