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Jun 2018
Jun 13 2018 09:59 UTC
I copy and paste the code from:, but un able to compile
Jun 13 2018 11:43 UTC
Hey! I want to develop a system on ethereum where we can store electronic health records and later retrieve it using transaction id. Can anyone help?
Michael Rice
Jun 13 2018 14:10 UTC
@babelitconsulting - hey curious about what you’re doing. I’m in Los Angeles too (South Bay)
Jun 13 2018 14:20 UTC
So to everyone posting issues. I really helps a lot if you also post your error/logs. I see a lot of people just post a question, and not get any feedback. The easiest way to post you logs is to use gist and then post the link with your question -
Jun 13 2018 19:50 UTC
Hi, I'm from Chile. In my country we have a serious problem with corruption. I would like to be able to apply the blockchain technology in my local municipality. They know of some tool that can allow me to achieve greater transparency in the expenses of my municipality.