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Jun 2018
Ivan Makarenko
Jun 24 2018 11:09
Hi, can anybody give me more information about "Once the crowdsale page is created, you now need to deposit enough rewards so it can pay the rewards back.". What dose it mean, how calculate it?
Jun 24 2018 20:20
how to find constructor arguments at the end of byte code
Jun 24 2018 23:07

Error! Unable to verify source code
Missing Constructor Arguments for function EtherToken(address admin, address feeAccount, address accountLevelsAddr, uint feeMake, uint feeTake, uint feeRebate)

Which when decoded would be

Arg [0] : 00000000000000000000000033daedabab9085bd1a94460a652e7ffff592dfe3
Arg [1] : 000000000000000000000000fec8bb460c2501b8c1d4801f34b4408c1fbbccb1

Another quick and dirty way of figuring out what your constructor arguments are is to compare both the browser solidity / remix compiled byte code and compare this with the input creation byte code. If you look carefully you will notice that the additional hex codes attached at the END of the input created byte code. This is your 'Constructor Arguments'
how to find constructor arguments at the end of byte code
someone help me