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Jun 2018
Jun 25 2018 10:44
@phiferd : Done
Jun 25 2018 13:44
Hi, Please help me. I would like to know how much is the ETH fee for mining my own created Token (ERC20), how is this gas fee calculated?
Jun 25 2018 14:07
Hi ... I need help to recover my account data that I lost during Ethereum Wallet installation.
While installing Ethereum Wallet, I stuck up for hours at message "Ethereum needs to sync, please wait ... Looking for peers ...". Could someone help?
Jun 25 2018 16:50
Jun 25 2018 16:50
can someone please review a contract for me is to say where I'm wrong?
Jun 25 2018 16:53
Do not share your private keys, seed phrases, or passwords with anyone pretending to want to help, unless you want to lose your Ether and tokens.
Jun 25 2018 16:56
@phalexo help?
Jun 25 2018 16:59
@bensonkb ok. I recommend you do additional testing on the test network. You can find some faucets that will send you free test network eth. On the test net, you'll get a much better idea about how your app will perform (e.g TX time). Depending on what you're trying to do, you might want to run some sort of alpha version with a subset of users before flying to the main net.