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Aug 2018
Aug 13 2018 07:17
is there anyone tole me about creating account implemented
Anubhav Gupta
Aug 13 2018 09:19
I have a requirement where we need to save data(pdf) to blockchain so that any third party can access and view it later by the block address. I can't store the hash of the data on blockchain as the third party does not have access to the original document to verify the hash of the data. Is it feasible?
Deep Vora
Aug 13 2018 18:08
I'd say its not feasible, as storing data on blockchain is really expensive
also if you end up doing that, encrypt your file before storing on blockchain
Aug 13 2018 18:33

We can create ERC20 tokens using solidity or even metamask.. but how to create unique address to transfer them?

I mean token like Gold reward or coins like Bitconnect has it's own pattern of address to transfer in between. how to do that?

In HitBTC also for every token you will get unique address to send..

if is there any way to do this, need to do that during the contract deployment or can be done after creating the simple token ?