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Aug 2018
Aug 24 2018 08:49
Hey there. I am bloody new to Ethereum and struggling with the Constructor/function thing when creating a Contract. I just read only to use the Constructor. But as i'm using the variable 'initialSupply' as in the tutorial recommended, initialSupply is unknown. So how do i declare the variable without the function? And where is the benefit for not hardcoding it?
Germán Lugo
Aug 24 2018 11:53
Hi @AlexanderWelling what are you using to deploy your contract? Truffle o Remix?
You could hardcode without any problem or any consequence of any kind. Even, when you are doing test is maybe the most practical thing if you are in Remix. You don't have to pass argument for each deployment.
Then for elegance maybe people or when people share a contract as template, they create a contract with a constructor that take parameters.
Paul Nguyen
Aug 24 2018 12:15
Thanks for connecting me and care.I don’t know know so much about
Aug 24 2018 13:00
Thank you @Chococoin for responding, I'm using none of them. I just wrote it in the Ethereum Wallet Software for learning purposes. But i suppose i will switch on Truffle when things become more serious.
Venkata Vineel
Aug 24 2018 22:31
Folks , what type of apps can we make with this platform
Venkata Vineel
Aug 24 2018 22:41
Does Blockchain have any relevance to small businesses