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Sep 2018
Sep 10 2018 02:42 UTC
Raheel Aslam
Sep 10 2018 04:20 UTC
Please Can ethereum Devs guide what i need for creating the ERC20 token and get reward on base of taken ?
@zhang3333333 ?
Sep 10 2018 07:32 UTC
Hi, I am 100% new to smart contracts and am looking for a combined token and crowdsale contract that is secure. I copied some code from a site that is basically a tutorial but when I put it through Securify it gave me all kinds of errors. Is there anyplace I can find what I am looking for?
Sep 10 2018 07:37 UTC
@amazonmonkey1974 Take a look at this channel. It has many nice tutorials for beginner as well as intermediate learners :
Nicole Zhu
Sep 10 2018 12:48 UTC

Hey everyone,
Here’s a technical walkthrough series for Ethernaut’s smart contract hacking puzzles. It’s been a good learning resource to dive deeper into the vulnerabilities of Solidity, i.e. a Turing complete language on the blockchain.

Thought I’d document my learning journey for public benefit here:

Sep 10 2018 14:30 UTC
Hi All. I am unable to find the accounts reflecting in remix(web3 provider), I am using ethjsonrpc from aws ethereum blockchain templates