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Oct 2018
Paul Nguyen
Oct 09 2018 04:46
Hi, I have some bropkem
Biky Chowhan
Oct 09 2018 16:22

Topic: Implementation of Decentralized Autonomous IoT Network

complete work: On the raspberry pi I install raspbian os after that i follow this link
but after that i facing some problems.

problem face:
1> pi@raspnode~/bin/go-ethereum$ make geth

Makefile:17: recipe for target 'geth' failed
make: * [geth] Error 2

2> geth –fast –cache=256 –testnet –port 30304

WARN [10-09|12:00:18] No etherbase set and no accounts found as default

please provide me the best solution for how to properly install ethereum, geth, and how to used solidity programming code for smart contract (please also provide me the smart contract code (linux).).

Thanking you....