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Nov 2018
@nczhu nice job, I will check it out over the weekend and leave some feedback. looks super nice at first glance. If you build a GUI for it it could be on the same pedistle as cryptozombies and ethernaut perhaps :)
Nico Vergauwen
Nov 09 2018 14:50

I would change the naming convention to

<number>test<type>.sol , so eg. 1_test_assert.sol
Easier to type because no capitals and the tests will apear in order in the filesystem.

In Koans.sol I would replace the hardcoded value with the underflow just for simplicity (and perhaps demonstrating under/overflows)
uint256 max = uint256(0-1);

For your function getStorageSize() there is no fix, this is intended behaviour as unset values are initiated as 0. As far as I'm aware you can not 'hack' around this. The only 'fix' I can think of is checking the next value in storage and terminate the loop once the current and nextVal is unset , this is is probabilistic slightly better @nczhu

Nico Vergauwen
Nov 09 2018 14:56
Also shared it on my Linkedin :)