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Dec 2018
Shawn Kelly
Dec 14 2018 03:28
How About this Everybody Describe What They Think they kno Bout their problen And What you think You know About The steps You've Taken And Where You Were Actually Unsure in The procedure Pastebin You're collective backhere And Not Your immediate stoppage
Dec 14 2018 04:21
I am creating RC20 Token using etherium wallet but creating contract by this why is not verify by etherscan
Dec 14 2018 07:22
hi, i and trying to deploy a smart contract to mainnet since yesterday, i have put gas 250000, gasprice 20 Gwei, however i kept getting: Error encountered, bailing. Network state unknown. Review successful transactions manually.
Error: Contract transaction couldn't be found after 50 blocks. TxHash is not detected in etherscan. Is there any problem with the network?