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  • Jun 05 2016 10:31
    @alexvandesande banned @adamskee
  • Mar 16 2016 01:12
    @alexvandesande banned @scbosse
Sriram Kumar
IS there an ethereum wallet similar to coinbase or openledger that is a SaaS? I dont understand why each system needs to run a node if they are not going to mine, I suppose mist runs a geth client. For transactions, isnt a SaaS wallet sufficient? Is there aything like that
@daryllstrauss, thanks for replying. I did the same by just continuing the tutorial onward. I may be getting the same problem as you. When I deploy a contract of the advanced token I get a transaction confirmation, but with a red text displaying " No data is deployed on the contract address!".No token is created in my contract section of the wallet as the simple case. Is it the same for you?
Daryll Strauss
@dskioldebrand Yes, that sounds like the same problem. Good to know it isn't just me. What's your wallet? I can send you my basic token just for fun.
@daryllstrauss sure thing! But it will have to be tomorrow. I am out on the countryside and left my dev laptop at home. I'll post it later
Sriram Kumar
no body on a browser based wallet?
any ideas? thoughts?
ETH is about to go again into 0.03 or more once bitcoin drop.. also the ETH network going to give us great pump check this: www.EthereumNetwork.net
Luca Zeug
Please be careful guys with this link :point_up:
@adamskee according to virustotal.com this website spreads a trojan:
https://www.virustotal.com - EthereumNetworkSetup.rar
Alex Van de Sande
Yeah I banned him but I can't delete his message
Luca Zeug
Can you change his topic-link to link to his post?
Does anybody know how to create a custom genesis block with a given address and value from the command line? This tutorial is dated:
 genesis=pyethtool mkgenesis $addr 1000000000000000000

echo $genesis 
Bob Summerwill

Google took me to BeyondMLM. I've never been there before searching for OneCoin information. Ignore that site if it's unreliable. Wikipedia unreliable in your mind? And Coindesk? There are no shortage of sites where you can find credible criticism.

If you want to believe that OneCoin are any kind of "business" then good luck to you. Open your eyes, and see how their principal people behave on stage and how little substance there is in their words.

Is there a good tutorial on how to get started ... i use a linux mint machine .. downloaded the wallet - runned Geth - but wallet dosent load ..only geth running in terminal.... Would like to start to learn how to use this for personal use .both mining and purchasing goods with ether ...
Are there any tutorials made on swarm , I need to use swarm with Dapp but can't find any proper documentation .
Hey guys. Anyone knows how (if possible) to create wallets through smart contracts? Let's say I want to create and give a wallet to someone else.... Any ideas?
Wallet is just another contract, and contracts can create contracts, so yes
Nemil Dalal
Hi all, I put together a Solidity tutorial a while back, designed for developers: https://learnxinyminutes.com/docs/solidity/ ; there have been some changes, but it should still be a concise resource
@bobsummerwill Who should open the eyes ?? https://scontent-frt3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/13330949_1554726774829031_5627004370915613995_n.jpg?oh=ccbac9dcb6d887f06964b6fceb2c2ba5&oe=57C24976
Are also countless serious site on Onecoin!
The detractor there has also thousand.
No government in the world to Onecoin indicated as a Ponzi!
Come talk to me when you get serious, tangible evidence of, if you speak in a vacuum.
Bob Summerwill

Oh @cityhunter441_twitter ... you have made me waste another hour or so appalling myself at OneCoin!

Found this treasure trove:

Couple of articles on The Merkle too:

@bobsummerwill .... haha you're informed about the author of these sites? this is a joke?
Sorry this is not credible!
I give evidence of true !! no Blabla !!
A picture is worth a thousand words !!
there is the boss of the Financial IT in London !! 11/06/2016 ( concrete !)
He is a specialist ponzis ?? hahaha
Jon Ramvi
Hmm when I try to execute the MyAdvancedToken contract on https://ethereum.org/token I'm getting No data is deplayed on the contract address. I even tried setting the gas to the gas limit, still no go. Is the contract too advanced for the current block gas limit?
I’m a newbie to ethereum.
I want to use ethereum as data storage.
Could you please give me some ideas?
Luca Zeug
@scorpiovn that’s a very vague inquiry you got their. Please give some more details on the systems purpose/what you pursue.
Bob Summerwill
@scorpiovn Depending on what you are looking to store, Ethereum might not be a good fit. If you are looking to store anything non-trivial, if might be better looking at IPFS and Swarm. See https://ipfs.io/ and http://swarm-gateways.net/bzz:/swarm/ respectively.
@bobsummerwill thanks.
Nur Azhar
hi guys i'm not a software developer a .deb hobbiyist for years... I like to know would you guys recommend freecodecamp/udacity or https://github.com/open-source-society/computer-science to equip myself for the future of dapps?
essentially ethereum for non-developers
I am excited about the project (ethereum)
and it's potential... obsolute power corrupts - yup
I have gold...(5000 mt) assets to create a global currency. I also need to establish a country, congress etc for this social enterprise. I need tech help as I'm former banker (enom whistleblower) Please advise
Rithy on GitHub
Hi room - how can I find mentor in Ðapp+IoT+Ethereum?
Jonathan Hunter
Hey, If I want to run the Ethereum wallet on my mac how much bandwidth does it use ? (In terms of downloading the blockchain)
@JON4TH4NHUNT3R 3~4 in fast pruning mode using geth
and 3~4 gb
Bob Summerwill
@rithygithub Maybe make a post to http://reddit.com/r/ethereum?
i can get API and build website
transfer ETH
Hi there. can i know how to i mine ethereum via stratum?
Hello guys and gals. Two noob questions:
1) I'm a UX designer and wanna help. Can anyone point me in the right direction to find where my skills can be used?
2) To start off, I decided to try mining. Then a lot of roadblocks. Latest info I have is that mining "casually" on a Macbook is ill advised due to low GPU power (compared to rigs) and high risk of hardware overheating. Is this correct?
Luca Zeug
Hey @lucascerro, welcome
  1. cool, perhaps @alexvansande has something? ;)
  2. you shouldn’t do it on a macbook for two reasons
    • it drastically decreases the lifetime of the hardware
    • it is most likely not profitable at the moment (good gpu rigs are at current price per ether). …well, you could speculate on rising prices though :smirk:
Steven Natera
Hey very noob question but...How do I start developing a blockchain app with ethereum? Resources for blockchain dev aren't as abundant as they are for web dev.
Rithy on GitHub
@bobsummerwill Thanks i will.