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Kush Goyal
can anyone please point to the latest tutorial or a tutorial which is easy to follow
@estermer I think solidity is like the backend language for dapps. It will contain all the contract logic.
Bob Summerwill
Looks like that is pretty ancient, @KushGoyal.
Maybe start with http://ethdocs.org instead.
Kush Goyal
@bobsummerwill Hi, will ethdocs.org covers things from a beginner standpoint?
I mean it has a lot of information but should I start reading it from the beginning to the end?
Bob Summerwill
Sure ...
Kush Goyal
@bobsummerwill Thanks! Will get to work then.
Kush Goyal
@bobsummerwill thanks!
Dmitriy Startsev
is there a visual tool for exploring ethereum contracts and their data?
Amlan Chatterjee
@arunmrao What I meant was I'd like to pass some data (string, json whatever) into a contract and store it in the block chain. Then from a different address (assume permission exists) view it.
Arun Rao
@amlanc yes - you can do that, in your dapp, you can check the addresses of each and allow/disallow operations
hi guys, I have a question.. is there a way for me to create token contract that will set the price of the token compared to another token i create? like is there a way i can set price for token A with x amount of token B? (not including gas costs or anything, just a swap rate)
I want to create a wallet account with Ethereum and I need help how to do this
Any idea about The DAO?
Hello I have questions about crowd sale..
I am trying to find a tutorial for execution
Kevin Patrick Tan
Hi sorry, just a quick question.. just resumed learning ethereum + blockchain.. so basically https://github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum is same with https://github.com/ethereum/mist... I understand the mist is something like the platform/base.. then a dapp app is stored in it?.. is that right? still quite confused* thanks
Kush Goyal
@kepat go-ethereum or geth is the ethereum cli written in go
and mist is a gui client with a wallet, browser and mining capabilities
Ravi Doddavaram
apologies if this is a repeat question, in the last talk by Vitalik (I only caught a passing glimpse), he seemed to exclusively use Python for coding, guessing it is Pyethapp. Any thoughts on whether the development in python is supported better over geth? Obviously would prefer Python if there is no apparent weakness. Thanks
Kush Goyal
@rdoddavaram in pyethapp you get the console using python instead of javascript in geth
and there is serpent for writing contracts. Serpent is similar to python. Most of the places it is mentioned that solidity is supported as the main language for contracts. Also there web3.js api.
It seems javascript support is more strong than python.
Bob Summerwill
@rdoddavaram The best supported client by far is geth (go-ethereum).
Pyethapp is used a lot for research work, which is where Vitalik's focus is, but it is not performant.
Can anyone tell if the contract http://www.ethereum.org/token is HumanStandardToken.sol please?
I looked at "MyAdvancedToken" from https://ethereum.org/token#full-coin-code and spotted some issue: after deployment the totalSupply returns 0 no matter what I define in the constructor. If I invoke mintToken the updated totalSupply returns the minted amount. Looking in the source code I found that "totalSupply" is declared 2 times - once in the parent contract ("token") and once in the "MyAdvancedToken" thus shadowing the parent declaration. I fixed this by removing totalSupply from "MyAdvancedToken". Is there a bugtracker available for the website?
Hi. need a38e1e5 plz pm/email thx
Can somebody please point me the tutorials link for ethereum if any available
Bob Summerwill

@reachrkr the tutorials are ...

Also, check out the Ethereum documentation at http://ethdocs.org.

Clive Bluston
Hi - I am a new to Ethereum.
Does anyone know how I can modify a deployed contract in Ethereum Wallet?
Clive Bluston
OK. I see that I cannot. That makes it hard to develop with iterative changes. I guess I could just create a new contract for each iteration.
Is that a reasonable development flow?
Hi Could you tell me any third party api is available for getting web data from smart contract?
@bobsummerwill thanks bob
Arseniy Klempner
@reddysmobile I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but I think you may be looking for web3.js https://github.com/ethereum/web3.js/
although it's not third party
If anyone is looking for a good video tutorial for developing with Solidity I thought this one was pretty informative: https://youtu.be/8jI1TuEaTro
Jonatan Bergquist
Hello everybody! I'm having troubles installing pyethapp (ethereum/pyethapp#172), anyone else had similar problems or can point me in the right direction?
John Saunders
I am struggling to get started, any kind patient people able to walk me through this. My hope is to be able to introduce this to people interested in supported my farm into becoming a CSA farm.
Patrick Macom
Farmerjohn, I have a few minutes if you're around
I'm still learning it myself, but can probably help get you started.
Mahesh Govind
Could you please point me to an example where real world data is connected to ethereum
i meant an existing data base
hi, i cannot login in my ethereum wallet anymore "Fatal: Error starting protocol stack: read /Users/aleqgl/Library/Ethereum/nodes/000808.log: result too large". I tried to re-install it on my mac but i get the same error. Is there anything I can do to transfer my ethereum back to my original bitcoin wallet without losing them?