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  • Jun 05 2016 10:31
    @alexvandesande banned @adamskee
  • Mar 16 2016 01:12
    @alexvandesande banned @scbosse
I installed newest version cpp-ethereum-windows 1.2.9, it only has AlethZero installed, no AlethOne, any idea?
Bob Summerwill

That isn't the newest version, @qym912.
This is - https://github.com/bobsummerwill/cpp-ethereum/releases/tag/v1.3.0

AlethOne was discontinued many months ago, and AlethZero and Mix have been discontinued as well now.

If you want to mine, you need to use the ethminer command-line.

Head to https://gitter.im/minercommunitysupport for help.

Sebastian Schürmann
@kenpat06 https://github.com/sebs/ethrain that might help you
@ thank you very much for the info
To thank Bob, I selected Bob Summerwill after @ , but the name is not showing, why?
anyone know how to get the RX480's up and running? im pulling my hair out
In the democracy tutorial. Is it possible to add code so the proposal becomes inactive or even better removed after it is executed?
Never mind it was already the case, I had an old version of the code
Am a complete tyro here. Can someone be of assistance to put me through please?
no more people here
g. nicholas d'andrea
definitely not a robot
Alexander Kagno
minercommunitysupport isn't an actual gitter chat... What is the actual link to miner support? Getting a weird malloc error with ethminer on my mac.
Seems like my binary was broken.
Hi, I´m following the tutorial "Create you own crypto-currency". Once created, the transaction for my currency will be kept in the ethereum blockchain, is that right? thanks
Badr bellaj
how to convert string to byte?
Surya Pratap Singh Shekhawat
can any one post a tutorial for to create UI for ethereum dapps
I have a question that: after issuing the token, can we change the quantity (the limitation or the number) of tokens or not?
it is quite urgent to my business, can anyone can answer for me
Yoichi Hirai
@zalayeto yes the transaction records will be kept on the ethereum blockchain.
@baothien in order to do that, before you deploy the contract, you need to program who can change the quantity on what conditions. Also you will need to specify whose accounts would be affected by those quantity changes.
anyone here?
Is it possible to create a blockchain holding some information but no currency for e.g. addresses ?
@tochie Hi
Hi Anyone
Where can I get the API of POST_TRANSACTION?
I am trying to setup eth-netstats for my private networks using the library eth-netstats and eth-net-intelligence-api. Everything works well except the transaction graph and gas price graph, its blank all the time. Did any one face this issue before?
Sorry for a newbie question. Is it possible to create a blockchain token holding certain user information for e.g. some database records but with no currency attribute for e.g. addresses ?
Yoichi Hirai
@dhimanak you can create something like that.
@dhimanak a token contract keeps a number for each address but instead of a number a smart contract can remember other information.
Hi, can I translate the page? https://www.ethereum.org/dao
Translate to other languages (ex. pt-BR), by a existent repo (eg. github of translations)? There are more people doing translations here?
i installed ethereum for exchange coin, but i cann't found ethereum config file. Because I wanted configuartion for localhost connection to ethereum blockchain. How i can config it? And where i may find it
Alexandre Kurth
@ppKrauss we are on a french translation of yellowpaper
Hi @kurthalex , do you have a URL pointing this translation?
Alexandre Kurth
yes but it's the beginning and we'll take our time https://github.com/asseth/yellowpaper
on the "french" branch
Hi can anyone post a tutorail about the open-ethereum-pool ? I got some errors about the api and the redis server.
Anyone knows a link to the ethereum block structure or a diagram? Also anyone can confirms accounts, transactions and state are inside a block?
g. nicholas d'andrea
http://i.stack.imgur.com/afWDt.jpg this diagram helps me
Hi I am very new to ethereum and trying to deploy a hello world contract as explained in https://www.ethereum.org/token ...on test net ... I have 7970 ether mined ... when I try to deploy it says "account does not exist or account balance is too low"
Can someone please help
That url explains how to create a new Ethereum based token, https://www.ethereum.org/greeter might be a good start first :)
Yes, but I have been able to compile the contract, problem is it is not deploying
@Smokyish Yes, but I have been able to compile the contract, problem is it is not deploying
I am trying to created tokens btw
Hello ..... as i am new and i want to make my own crypto coin for my own private network ...so please let me know how to make it and how can i list that coin to any one of crypto exchange for buying and selling.
Makoto Inoue
@Gursminder for the token example, follow the http://www.ethereum.org/token example.