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Can we have a bit of democracy, reputation, awards, and safeties built into our smart contracts. And what are the man hours required?
Artem Gorev
Hello, guys. Have anyone know what need to read to understand how wallets, accounts are created inside ethereum network? :-)
can you create a currency to be specifically used by people from one country
or peg it to another currency
such as a cryptocurrency pegged to the mozambique kwacha
or the zimbabwe dollar
for use in those countries - with the only aim of digitising the national currency on an unofficial basis
I would like to ask how to use the Ethereal Block Chain to store and transmit data as objects having structure apart from currency?
Vlad Suciu
hello, are there any tutorials for new Ethereum developers about Ethereum clients?
best practices/tips/etc
can I ask here some questions about solidity?
there seems to be an issue with developing using the eth wallet, i cant seem to generate a construction parameters as per the guide. any advice?
hi im new to ethereum whats the best newbie start up guide or video
Eric Stermer
from what I am learning, there are a couple things to understand
and someone can correct me if i am wrong
Ethereum is like a database on the backend that resides on a blockchain which exists in the world computer
it basically is written in solidity which is a newly created "Contract Oriented Language" which triggers exchange events in that blockchain
and just like any backend there is a front end that goes with it, which in the case of ethereum, the front end client is called Mist
which is like your chrome browser for ethereum
where in mist you can use standard HTML, CSS, and JS and all other frameworks and libraries to design websites to interact with contracts
So it is up to you whether you want to learn how to write general website programming or contract writing in Solidity
Eric Stermer
There is a new Solidity environment to learn in that is right in the browser and you can find that here:
Also check out Metamask as a Mist substitute. Tutorial: https://gist.github.com/flyswatter/aea93752fb90322bbe11
I created a contract on https://ethereum.github.io and am logged in my Metamask test account but metamask is not popping up in my browser in order to accept the transaction and create the contract?
Abhijit Roy
what are the pre-requisite for a developer who want to build app on Ethereum?
Rocky Fikki
Network and their security, solidity and general dapp best practices expertise, javascript or such other frontend stack capabilities.
Abhijit Roy
programming languages needed??
Rocky Fikki
solidity, and whatever frontend scripting/language knowledge is required. it might help if you have familiarity of the code the ethereum client is written in, but that is not a necessity.
Neo Wenyuan
hey guys, i'm just wondering
for the tokens that i've created using ethereum wallet, can it be listed on coinmarketcap? lols
hi, im working in the french bank BNP PARIBAS, i have business project
and i can listen all projecc very interesed
Geoff McNeely
I'm following the token tutorial and got confused as it moved to Centralized Administrator. Can someone give me some guidance? When it talks about inheritance and directs me to add a line of code, well, the contract was previously deployed and I can't seem to edit it, so what am I supposed to do? Create a new contract?
(this is my first tutorial for learning ethereum dApps so very green)
Neo Wenyuan
\@geoster hi there, i'm now as well, but been past your phase
@geoster basically, just do not deploy the contract yet until you finished reading the whole page, and do the customization you may need.
@ccvman what are u interested in?
Geoff McNeely
Thanks @neowenyuan27 I wish they had led with that. Or, rather, I guess I'm doing the tutorial twice. I follow what it says, and it worked! So I will start another contract and do the more involved pieces. Thanks for the clarification!
Neo Wenyuan
@geoster hah, dun worry about it. I'm on the same path as you, kind of stuck in other places now though
Prajit Datta
I wanted to transfer documents
using blockchain
and get the stats
can anyone help me
Suhail Manzoor
if I knew someone's address, couldn't the transfer function on MyToken be misused? or did I get that wrong?
Suhail Manzoor
ah, forgot that one needs to have the private key to affect a transfer on MyToken. So I did get it wrong.
Himanshu Pandey
can someone provide link to some resources which can help me develop daaps using web3js. dont know how to connect with web. any tutorials or such would be great.
Suhail Manzoor